jQuery – Extend tablesorter plugin
October 16th, 2008 by admin

This js code extends the tablesorter plugin in jQuery:

  1. Parser for sorting values like “$1,300.50″
  2. Parser for sorting values like “2 months ago”,”3 years ago” (actual timestamp hide in the comment)
  3. Parser for sorting values like “SMALLER”,”SMALL” (actual text value hide in comment)
  4. Widget to highlight a row when mouse hovers it
  5. Widget to highlight a header when mouse hovers it
  6. Widget to save/memorize sort order via AJAX

Let’s get right into the code:

Demo HTML file

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  • Aaron writes:
    January 22nd, 20094:04 pmat

    This looks great but what i am really interested in is this part of the code only look for value in the comment.

    I want to look for a specific HTML comment in the code and add some html to it like a button.


    Look for “Exact HTML Comment”

    Add or replace the comment with div some HTML div then comment.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the weird question but your code is the only code that has any thing related to looking for comments and replacing them in the html. :)

  • Matt writes:
    May 22nd, 20091:18 amat

    thank you very much. it is very useful.

  • sublogger writes:
    October 29th, 20092:13 pmat


    This is exactly I wanted for my program. But somehow parser is not able to identify the values inside the comment with this code. Do you have any working demo link for this example?


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